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Pastor Keith will be holding daily devotionals via Facebook Live.  Set your Facebook notifications to alert you to times.

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Sunday Services start at 11:00 a.m.

Sunday School is currently not meeting but should be restarting soon.

Please note will not be sending out the regular Antiochian, as we did not have enough articles to justify the printing and mailing.  We do have a couple of items to share with you and an attachment for the June calendar. Perhaps we will have more information in July.  Thank you.


Note:  We try to always recognize our graduates in June and still hope to do so this year. To all parents or grandparents that have had a child or grandchild graduate either from high school or college in the past year (Dec. 2019 to June 2020), please contact the church office immediately with their information. Name,  their school or college, if high school future plans, if college what was their degree in and future plans if known.  The office would probably like to know if they will be attending that Sunday.  I cannot tell you which Sunday yet, but will try to send another email to let you know.  As there has been so little celebration this year, we would like to recognize these young people and their accomplishments.


Second Note:  The Women’s Circle meeting has been changed from Monday to Wednesday June 3rd at 10:30 am.  Linda Stukenborg will have the program.  It has been a few months since we last met, so not a lot to report.  Social distancing will be observed and mask are suggested.  Hopefully we are on our way to getting back to a somewhat normal schedule.

Flower Calendar for June 2020   Altar Flowers 


                    7   -   Joe & Sharon Gilletly

                              (In honor of 50th Anniversary)    

                  14   -   Mike & Sue Landis

                              (In honor of 52nd Anniversary)

                  21   -   The Strobel Family

                  28   -   Mike & Darlene Winfield

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